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Tooling capabilities

Suburban Plastic has on-site tooling capabilities in order to reduce downtime and increase production efficiencies.  The tooling department provides the following operations:

  • Modifications and repairs:  Altering tool design either by Suburban engineering for improved production capabilities or by customer request.
  • Other Capabilities: 
    • EDM (Electrical-discharge Machine):  Involves the direction of high-frequency electrical spark that discharges from a graphite or soft metal tool.  Also, know as an electrode.  This electrical interaction with hardened steel or carbide allows it to remove the material to its designed state.
    • Milling:  A circular tool that rotates on a number of axis’ to cut edges symmetrically.
    • Grinding:  Abrasive process that changes the shape or dimension of a surface area.
    • Polishing:  Cleaning of an area for appearance, but more importantly flow of material.
    • CNC (Computer-aided machining):  The software allows different tools to be altered more readily by the push of a button.
    • Fixture:    With our engineering and design capabilities the tool room builds secondary equipment fixtures for dimensional or finishing requirements.

With each and every opportunity to improve a tools design and production capabilities, there is also sampling.  All tools are sampled once the tool room adjusts the areas of concern.

NOTE:  We outsource large plates for grinding, wire EDM, major polishing and plating oversize repairs.

Suburban Plastics is pleased to announce our screw and barrel repair service to all processors of plastic materials. We guarantee our workmanship to be of the highest standards. We can also supply your requirements for new screws and barrels; prices quoted upon request based on your drawings.

Click here for specs in PDF format.